Our mission is to de-stigmatize cannabis use while educating and empowering women on their self-care and self-love journey. Cannabis has been relied on for its healing benefits for thousands of years, and we aim to contribute to a culture where anyone in need of this powerful plant has access to the resources and knowledge necessary for mindful consumption.


Elevate (verb): To raise or lift something up to a higher position.

Women play a powerful role in our society. Between careers, side hustles, hobbies, children, and partners, we tend to forget to nurture the one person who needs us most: ourselves.

Founded by Ginny Leung and Lian Zi Liu, two busy mothers and entrepreneurs, Elevate is based on the idea that life should lift more than your stress and cortisol levels. We are a wellness-focused lifestyle brand featuring a capsule collection of wellness products, accessories, and athleisure wear designed with the balance-seeking, modern woman in mind. To sum it up, we created Elevate as the brand we needed in our lives.

When we first started this company, the viral TED talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sinek was a big part of the conversation. Why are we doing this? That’s the question we’ve found ourselves contemplating and answering to the most, and it’s at the front of everything Elevate represents today.

We see the evolving cannabis conversation as a sign that our culture is embracing more diverse ways to achieve balance and wellness. As legalization and medical research gain traction, we hear more every day about the healing and therapeutic potentials of cannabis. The idea that this powerful plant can change our quality of life and improve emotional well-being is a far cry from the stereotypes that have dominated our culture for decades. We’re ready for this bigger conversation and since you’re here, we bet you’re ready for it, too.

We hope to elevate your life with our line of wellness products and accessories. Browse our selection of self-care items and join our social communities on Facebook and Instagram to add some beauty to your day.