A Conversation with Emily Earlenbaugh, Ph.D.

Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh, Ph.D. is a freelance writer and the co-founder of Mindful Cannabis Consulting, where she consults with patients interested in utilizing cannabis as a natural medicine. Emily has a doctorate in the philosophy of science and with an expertise in the science of happiness and well-being.

Elevate's blog series, Women Around Cannabis, is an on-going conversation with cannabis educators, influencers, as well as women who incorporate cannabis into their day to day wellness.  We aim to de-stigmatize cannabis use while empowering and educating women in their self-care and self-love journey.

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5 Tips for Cannabis Beginners

As a first-timer, you'll likely have lots of questions before giving cannabis a try. We will be sharing information, tips, and recommendations in our blog space, so stay tuned!
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