A Conversation with Kyra of Kyrious

Kyra of Kyrious is a holistic wellness educator, plant advisor, recipe developer, and lifestyle blogger.  With a degree in public health focusing on education and global studies, along with certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition she became a health coach.

Over the years she discovered other wellness tools such as a certification in yoga, reiki and the benefits of cannabis. With all these different experiences in her life, she is able to use this to help educate and advocate for wellness and cannabis.  Kyra’s mission for Kyrious is to empower and educate others about the elements needed to heal themselves.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Hello there, my name is Kyra aka Kyrious and I am a holistic educator, plant advisor, recipe developer and lifestyle blogger.

2. How has Cannabis influenced or affected your life?

Cannabis has positively influenced my life in more ways than one. It has always been a plant that heals me, inspires me, makes me laugh, energizes and calms me.

3. How did you become a health/wellness coach?

I’ve always been interested in health throughout college; I graduated with a Public Health degree with a focus on education and global studies. After college, I decided to obtain a certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.

I’m constantly learning and wanting to know more about health and wellness, especially from a holistic view.

4. You share some fantastic cannabis-infused recipes.  What inspires your recipes?

I have always been obsessed with cooking and creating recipes since I was little. I come from a German and Japanese background, which revolves around food and entertaining. Most of my recipes are influenced by the places I travel, the places I’ve lived and wellness influencers who continue to blow me away with their colorful creations.

5. What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means embracing a lifestyle that embodies everything unique to you that makes one feel they are living their best life every single day. This could be everything from embracing a self-care routine, creating art, reading for the mind even traveling for the soul. It’s about embracing living our lives as a human being rather than a human doing.

6. What is your self-care routine? Do you incorporate cannabis into your routine and how?

Every single day we have the opportunity to embrace a self-care routine. For me, I choose to meditate, paint, cook local, eat clean, and treating my body like it’s a gift that deserves kind words and sensual touch. For me, yoga, self-massage, hygiene, smiling, and rituals are all part of my daily self-care routine. Cannabis is intertwined in more ways than one in my self-care routine including facial products, lubrication, CBD tinctures and a variety of flower depending on my needs for that moment.

7. What is your favorite way to use Cannabis? Do you have a favorite strain and why?

My favorite way to use cannabis is infusing it inside of food because for me it becomes a ritual. Whether I infuse my own oil using my LEVO or I find a beautiful tincture to try, I love getting creative in the kitchen with cannabis. It’s hard to pick a favorite strain because there are so many amazing ones, each with its own unique purpose. If I had to pick one strain that has always been a staple in my life it would Sour Diesel (the very first strain I tried and I won’t ever forget it.)

8. What caused you or inspired you to get into Cannabis?

I was inspired to educate others about cannabis because I realized there was a lot of misunderstanding and confusion regarding cannabis. Most people haven’t had the proper education regarding this plant and for some, it’s even been something they had to fear. This plant works its magic differently on each individual and that inspires me to work with individuals to see how they can build a positive relationship with this magical plant.

9. What advice can you give someone who wants to come out of the Cannabis closet to their friends and family?

Be honest and true to yourself first and foremost. Do your research about why you are using cannabis because when you come out of the green closet you’re going to get a ton of questions. This is your opportunity to educate your closest friends and family and give them a different way to think than from the past.

10. What impact do you think Cannabis will have on women’s health?

Cannabis is already making a huge impact on women’s health all the way from medicated suppositories, lubrication, even finding unique ways to handle PMS and anxiety. Women are able to take their health into their own hands and be their own health coach deciding what strain of cannabis or method they need that works best for them. So long expensive pharmaceuticals that make you feel like shit or crazy.

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