A conversation with Jessie of The Mommy Jane

This week we were able to have the pleasure of speaking with Jessie, a mother of two beautiful girls, the founder, and creator of The Mommy Jane. The Mommy Jane is a cannabis lifestyle writer and educator based out of Southern California. She longs to live in a world where cannabis is just as socially accepted and recognized as prescription drugs or alcohol.

Through extensive research, The Mommy Jane has spent the last 3 years shedding over 100 lbs of postpartum weight and stopped her alcohol and opioid abuse. All thanks to consciousness and cannabis.

Each week, The Mommy Jane features new and beloved products, hosts Live talks with both patients and entrepreneurs living a cannabis success story, and records daily videos of the ups and downs of getting into the coveted industry, exclusively on Instagram.

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How would you describe yourself and what you do (how did you start the mommy jane)? 

The Mommy Jane started as a passion project after a very successful summer of cannabis education with friends and family. To the urging of a close friend, I attended a Cannabis 101 class hosted by Ozzie Ozkay-Villa of OOV Lifestyle up in Marin County, where I am originally from. After attending that class, I was on a crusade to educate everyone around me, and assist them on their path with Cannabis. Soon, friends and family were turning to me with questions after I successfully lost 90 pounds, got off SSRIs, and became a better mother and spouse … with the assistance of Cannabis. Once they were successful on their own journey with the plant, I knew I was onto something.

When I started the IG last summer, I didn't have intentions of showing my face at first. It was mostly to bring forth my a positive light to a Cannabis lifestyle. Over time, I’d peek some eyes, or a mouth in photos and I noticed that was what was bringing people to me: the human connection. That’s when I realized I was living in my own stigma. A stigma I had put on myself, and decided that if I was going to love and promote this plant, I was going to do it 110 percent … hell, 420 percent!

How has Cannabis influenced or affected your life?

Cannabis has been in my life since early childhood. My relatives were the early card-carrying medical card members so it was always around and in a positive light. I never grew up with a stigma, even though my parents themselves weren't pot smokers at the time. I smoked sporadically in high school, never was a type of person who “needed” it, but I knew I felt better more often than not when I did partake.

As I got into my 20’s and moved back to the Bay Area from Southern California, that’s when I was around people that definitely smoked heavy amounts of cannabis, so I became a daily user. Some relationships participated with me, and some would not condone it, including my current husband, Jason.

It took me years of not smoking Cannabis (per his request), to closet smoking (thank you vapes), to Cannabis education with myself which in turn lead to him. Now he is a card-carrying cannabis user himself. My husband watched my transformation with nightly wine and grouchiness to early mornings of yoga and CBD with our coffee. This plant has made me healthy on the inside and my life healthy outside as well. A total and complete positive influence, I am living the anti-stigma.

How has cannabis changed your life as a mom?

As a mother, I will have no shame in admitting that it gives me the superhero cape that I require every day to be the best mom that I can be. The Super Mom that my girls deserve! I know how I can be before I medicate, and I know how I am after. I prefer myself with cannabis. It balances me out and keeps me focused on the task at hand, and I don't sweat the small stuff. I know that my children recognize the difference as well. When I am grumpy they ask “have you not medicated yet today?”

They support the plant, they are educated in how it can be used medicinally and they really love what I do with The Mommy Jane. When I am about to leave for an event they always shout “Go, Mommy, Go!” as I head out the door. When I get special deliveries from Pretty Cannabis Company they’re always into the beautiful packing and the botanicals inside the bath bombs. I love showing them the less popular sides of cannabis: that it can be feminine and it is medicine.

Do you feel that cannabis has made you a better mom? How?

I feel that Cannabis makes me a better mom because my mood is more stable, the millions of mom thoughts in my head have calmed, the anxiousness is at bay, and I can truly just be myself. My husband and I are both creatives so we are always doing fun activities and crafts around the house with the girls and I always love seeing my creativity flow with my kids and with Cannabis. The messes don't matter, the tears of frustration are met with calmness, not calamity, and I am just more relaxed for those over the top projects kids love getting into these days (thanks to YouTube). If parenting just gets to me, and I need a timeout, I know Cannabis is something that will truly ground me and bring me back to reality.

As a parent, when, where and how do you use cannabis?

I start my morning every day with 30mg of CBD in a tincture or capsule form. I will vape or smoke flower before I meditate, I eat a snack, and then I smoke again before I head to the gym. When I say smoke, I take one hit. I am a microdoser. I rarely smoke joints and blunts. And I get up 3 - 4 hours before my family even wakes up. How much I medicate the rest of the day will depend on what I am doing. If I am staying home and cleaning house, then I’ll do something fun like a microdose of an edible to make the housework not have to be so much work. If I am out and about, I carry my CBD vape pen with me for anxiety emergencies.

I am not a fan of driving to begin with so I don't medicate and drive for obvious reasons. But my husband does most of the driving when we go out, and if that's the case, I carry a cannabis vape with me. And the strains will vary depending on the place we are going but I smoke it all. I feel like there is a strain for every occasion and every person.

What impact do you think Cannabis will have on women’s health?

I can personally say that Cannabis has impacted my health immensely. I have lost almost 100 lbs thanks to THCv heavy strains and a consistent workout routine. Before I head to the gym, I always partake in a Sativa or Sativa heavy blend and dose with CBD before and after my session. The THCv heavy strains keep me from overindulging during on unnecessary snacks throughout the day.

Once word gets out about how each compound can serve our body and mind, we will start to see Cannabis related products in more medicine cabinets and bedroom drawers. I expect Cannabis to be more involved in the bedroom in general, and hopefully, more women will see it as a viable way to get in touch with their bodies and their significant others. I also expect to see more Cannabis related Women’s Health retreats, and events. Hopefully, with the more education, we will see, the more enlightenment across the board and the sooner women can start infusing Cannabis into their healthy lifestyle.

What do you tell another mother who is interested in cannabis as an alternative or addition to their wellness routine?

My advice to any mother who is interested in Cannabis as a part of their healthy wellness routine would be to find yourself THCv heavy strains and be sure to supplement with CBD either before or after you work out. Invest in topical to help with sore muscles. Your budget and lifestyle and preference of consumption will determine the method and brands that you use, but the more you are using it both inside and outside of your body, the better. Start low with ratios of high CBD to low THC so you can receive the entourage effect without the overwhelming psychoactive experience one might have that isn't used to full spectrum Cannabis consumption.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness means to me, balance. When I am performing at my best, when life is running at a pace where I can keep up and I just FEEL good all over, that's when I feel wellness is at its finest. Mind and body are both huge factors in determining wellness, because you can look physically well on the outside, but if you’re hurting inside, that's not health and wellness. It more than physical, wellness is a lifestyle.

What is your self-care routine? Do you incorporate cannabis into your routine and how?

My self care routine starts the minute my feet hit the floor. I wake up hours before my family and before the sun. I do my best not to turn to social media first thing in the morning and really take my time waking up. I make myself tea or coffee, getting some sort of nourishment whether it be a small piece of fruit or protein shake or nut bar of some sort. It’s important that I get something in my body right away considering I hit the gym so early in the morning.

If I don’t have Canna Oil in my coffee, I will definitely vape a Sativa heavy strain before I leave the house. Cannabis helps me focus on my body while I am lifting free weights or doing challenging yoga poses and it keeps my determination and stamina effortless. When I get back from the gym, I soothe my sore muscles with Cannabis balms and or topical. I consume CBD throughout the day to keep my mind at top performance.

If I let anxiety get the best of me, I can’t be my optimal self and I try and achieve that level of living every single day. Not only for myself but for my girls to be influenced in a positive way through my lifestyle.

What is your favorite way to use Cannabis? Do you have a favorite strain and why?

My favorite way to smoke cannabis is with a joint. I love the nostalgia of a joint; the community of it. I very rarely smoke joints alone, so I always associate it with a good time. A group of people to share it with. To laugh with. My favorite strain is XJ-13 … I remember the first time I smoked it I thought, “OK, this is how I am supposed to feel, always” and I never looked back.

How to connect with The Mommy Jane:
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